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"I believe in bringing power to the people. I want to work for you. We need to create policies that are equitable for all communities to take advantage of Buffalo's resurgence. With decades of public service experience, I know what it takes to work together, find solutions, navigate the complicated governmental agencies, and get things done."
Quality of Life for Ellicott Residents
  • Holding all Landlords in the City accountable. No matter whether BMHA, Towne Gardens, Investigating Schinda Management, or Out-of-Town Slumlords

  • Responding to the Lead epidemic in our City. Purchasing thousands of lead testing kits so residents can know the status of the property

  • Making City-Owned Parks Tobacco-Free except for designated areas

Focus on Community Development
  • With placemaking projects like Michigan Streets Archways, all parts of the district should be highlighted as assets in our community.

  • There has been an increase in development in all parts of the district with diversity in those developers.

  • Provided Grant writing classes for the community and sponsored Customer Service training opportunities with Tops Market on Jefferson Avenue.

Fair & Affordable Housing
  • Working together with community groups and government officials to ensure that there is a fair share of market rate and affordable housing in the Ellicott District

    • Placing a moratorium on the Fruit Belt until the community had a chance to complete a strategic plan for their neighborhood

  • National recognized for the work with the Fruit Belt Community Land Trust to make sure that community has voice in what happens in their community

  • Focused on Fair Housing Practices and Inclusionary Zoning to make sure that all residents that live and work in Buffalo, have a decent place to stay

Supporting Our First Responders
  • Fought to have the Buffalo Police/Fire Psychologist replaced due to implicit bias during interview process

  • Introduced legislation that reinstated the COB Police Oversight Committee

    • That created the conversation for body cams and the community group to draft the policy to be enforced with the body cams

Safety, Accessibility, and Transparency 
  • ​​Advocating for the Security to be placed at City Hall entrances

  • Began the process to have a handicap elevator installed in Council Chambers

  • For full transparency, all council meetings are available online and on local television

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